24-Hour Game Show Marathon

• game show fans giving back • raising $5,000 for child's play • game show fans giving back • raising $5,000 for child's play

The 24-Hour Game Show Marathon is run by four friends and game show fanatics.

Between the four of them, they’ve appeared on more than 10 different game shows and have won more than $75,000 in cash and prizes. Collectively, they’re using their talents to create 24 hours of wacky, weird, exciting, fun game show simulations. They’re supported by dozens of friends, family and game show fanatics who all come together to play games and raise cash for charity.

Christian Carrion

Christian has never won a game show. He’s been on plenty, but he keeps not winning.

Cory Anotado

Cory Anotado is seriously unserious. He was on Jeopardy! once and lost, thus becoming a default meme (He Lost On Jeopardy!, baby) but then doubled up and made his own meme.

Bob Hagh

Bob is a legendary shiny Pokémon, like a… um, Moltres? Super Max Moltres? IDK I don’t know Pokémon.

Rich Liebig

Rich one time took a congealed nacho cheese cannonball to the chest and he’s never had to pay for a beer in the Delaware Valley ever again.


We could not do what we do without the help of our volunteers. Our crack team of writers, organizers and performers continue to make the event its best.

We have several committees that come together to make our event succeed, and they include the following:

Our Tech Team leads the technical aspects of the event, from the stream to the gameplay mechanics. They’re running the sound, they’re working the cameras, they’re getting our buzzers up and running.

The Production Team handles the games themselves, from writing materials to creating props. (They love hot glue guns.) The Production Team also is in charge of gathering contestants, teaching them how to play, and getting all the game material and props ready for the show.

The Comfort Team is in charge of making sure everyone at the Marathon is healthy and happy. They organize and go on meal runs, keep our studio space clean and tidy, and assist with lodging and travel as best they can.