All Hail the King of TV!

Through persuasion, groveling and shameless begging, we’re proud to announce that for Game Show Marathon’s loving adaptation of NPR’s hit quiz show Ask Me Another, television personality and super TV nerd Paul Goebel will be our VIP!

Paul Goebel is the self-proclaimed King of TV, but he’s got the knowledge and the skill to back the claim up. As the winner of TV Land’s Ultimate Fan Search, as well as the porto-chaser role of the TV Geek on the Comedy Central game show Beat the Geeks, Paul is currently a stand-up comedian and host of the Hey! Watch This podcast, which you can listen to at Battleship Pretension.

Ask Me Another is NPR’s hour of puzzles, word games and trivia. Cory Anotado hosts this version at 1 AM ET on Sunday, July 24 with puzzle guru Dave Mattingly.

The fifth-annual 24-Hour Game Show Marathon will start streaming online at at 12 PM ET on Saturday, July 23, and broadcast for 24 straight hours out of the headquarters of in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Anyone can drop in and watch the broadcast for free, or make a donation, by going to the official Game Show Marathon website at Games range from popular favorites like Family Feud and Jeopardy! to more obscure games like Definition and Mastermind, and they’re all recreated faithfully to their TV or radio counterparts.